Since the early days when settlers trekked across the high desert landscape and established roots in Nevada, there’s always been a pioneering spirit here. It’s this spirit that makes Frey Ranch Estate Distillery what it is today.

With everything we do, we pour that passion and spirit into our products and distillery. We are very proud of the business we’ve created and the awards that have been awarded to us.

Frey Ranch Gin Awards
Award Trophey
San Francisco World Spirits Double Gold Winner

Double Gold winner at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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Award Trophey

Gold winner at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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Frey Ranch Vodka Awards
Award Trophey
Tastings Gold Medal

Gold Medal – 2016 Tastings Spirits Review.

Micro Liquor Gold Medal Winner

Gold Medal – 2016 Micro Liquor Spirit Awards.

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Reno Addy Overall Best of Show Winner

Marketing and Design Awards

2015 AAF Reno Advertising Awards

  • 2015 AAF Reno Addys Overall Best of Show Winner – Frey Ranch Vodka Bottle Design
  • Gold Addy – Website
  • Gold Addy – Photography Campaign
  • Gold Addy – Digitally Enhanced Photography
  • Silver Addy – Frey Ranch Logo
  • Silver Addy – Trade Show Exhibit
  • Silver Addy – Stationary Package

2016 AAF Reno Advertising Awards

  • Gold Addy – Gin Bottle Design
  • Gold Addy – PR Kit
  • Silver Addy – Sales Brochure
  • Silver Addy – Print Ad Campaign
  • Silver Addy – Single Black & White Photography
  • Silver Addy – Single Color Photography
  • Silver Addy – Photography Campaign

2016 Micro Liquor Spirit Awards

  • Gold Medal – Vodka Bottle Design